Download Snaptube for pc

Download Snaptube for PC free Windows 7,8 & 8.1

Yes, You can Download Snaptube for pc and can use it. Though there is no .exe format of the app. But by using an emulator, you can do it easily.

Snaptube for PC helps you to download your favourite videos for offline uses. You can use it in windows using an android emulator. Its search engine makes it easy for you to search video from different websites. It is designed in a way to provide you with the comfortable user experience.

It has a vast regular user and fully trustworthy and verified by CM security, Lockout security and McAfee. Its unique features and comfortable use makes it different from others. With this, you can download videos from popular sites with just two or three clicks. Hope you will enjoy the app.

Snaptube for pc

Features of snaptube

Snaptube for pc is just like Snaptube as we see in Android devices. It brings a big recommendation list for you with sub-category selection. You will definitely get amazed with the feature. You can also adjust your favourite sites to speed dial as you like. If you want to remove some of the links from the speed dial, just go to setting and click the remove button which you will find in the right side of the connection. This feature will also allow you to add more links to your Snaptube for Windows speed-dial.

Snaptube for pc is entirely free with the advertisement. But it offers you a VIP Premium membership which will allow you to use the snaptube without advertisement too. If you buy the membership at a little cost, it will unlock many new features for you. It will enable the ‘Batch Download’ feature and ‘2k & 4k HD’ video download capability. Besides, it also allows you a one-day free trial. The trail will obviously help you to decide whether you want the membership or not.

With this video downloader, you can also manage your audio and video of your local drive. Try to set a favourable download path and amount of download to run at a time. It will help you a lot. Tap in the right corner of the Snaptube for PC to see your download progress. You can also search the audios or videos with only keywords. To download them, you will find a download sign in the right corner. You just need to click to download the file.

Snaptube for PC allows you to download in ten different formats but if you are a VIP member than more additional format will be available. In ten, two of them are audio formats. It is such a rare feature that allows you to download direct video’s audio only. I really like this one. If you have any objection or suggestion for Snaptube, you can click Feedback feature and share your opinion.

Download Snaptube for PC, MAC & Windows

Unfortunately, Snaptube does not have any formats for Windows or MAC. But the good news is still you can use the Snaptube in your windows. To do that, you have to download an android emulator and run. This thing will allow your computer to run the Android app on your PC. Beside Snaptube, you can also run many other Android applications with this software.

How to Download & Install SnapTube on pc

To run Snaptube on your PC first you have to download an emulator. You will find many different emulators in the store with unique features. BlueStacks, KOPLAYER, Xamarim, etc. are popular among many. You can choose from the mentioned one or any other one; all are the same.

First, you have to download Snaptube apk file from their official website, or you can Find here the Latest Version. Make sure that you download it from their official sites otherwise it can be a spam. You also need to download an android emulator too. In the first phase, install the emulator and then install the apk file.

After the installation, you just need to restart the emulator. Find the Snaptube for windows 8 Icon and click it and you are ready to go. It is as simple as watching television sitting on your sofa. I think you will walk through the process pretty easily.

How to use Snaptube on a Windows PC using Android Emulator

At the moment, Snaptube PC download is not available, and its only run on Android. But if you use an android emulator, you can change things. You can use all android applications on windows. So, you need an emulator. You can choose one from many, but we will tell you more about them, later on. Android comes on a different version. It is good to download and install the latest version but not strictly necessary.

After the emulator installed, you need to download the Snaptube apk file. Then merely right click on the mouse and open the apk file by the emulator. It will cost you approx 5 minutes because the Android emulator was making room for the Snaptube. After ending the installation process, you need to close the emulator and restart it. You will find a Snaptube icon in the main menu. Just click it an enjoy.

There are some popular emulator that you can use in your pc –


BlueStacks is a popular android emulator on the market. It allows you to run different android apps in your PC. If you have an android device, you can connect the device with the emulator and sync all the apps automatically. Even if you don’t have an android device still, you can download & install apk files and use it. You can use the native app store linked to BlueStacks to download apk file or direct download from webs is also available. This will give you a real android device experience in your PC.


KOPlayer is an entirely free and safe android emulator. It is pretty easy to use. It has Google Play as a default built-in store. So you can easily download apps to use it in your PC. You can also download and install different apk files from your storage. As it is specially designed for gameplay, it allows you to configure the keyboard and mouse. You can also use different other apps to capture image or videos. I firmly believe you will have a good time with it.

Finally, Its need to tell there you won’t file .exe format of a snaptube. If you still search for it, I can assure there is almost a fake file or a malware you will find. So be aware of that.

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