Snaptube for iPhone

Snaptube for iPhone or iOS – is it scam or true? | Download iPhone VD

According to Google, there are almost thousand of users, Search on Google – snaptube for iPhone. But sorry to say, There are no available versions of snaptube for iOS environment.

People love to watch videos and online is the best platform for it. But when you are not near an internet connection, what you will do. Maybe You will search youtube, Vimeo etc.

Snaptube for iOS

Snaptube For iPhone or iOS:

If you were an android user Snaptube would a Better solution for you. It gives you the ability to download videos from a different platform and save them for the offline watch. You can download your videos in different formats along with audio too.

Snaptube designed in a way to give the user comfortable use capability. It has enormous daily users and entirely safe to use. If you have any concern, you can let them know for improvement using feedback feature. Even they are regularly adding new features in their latest version.

And sorry to say I can’t Confirm you any emulator for iphone user to use Snaptube. So, If you search Snaptube for iPhone and may get an application that should really scam. Maybe a malicious file or software included. Though You can run snaptube in windows or pc.

You may search in apple app store and see an app called “SnapTube – Free Music Tube Player” but it’s not the real snaptube app! it’s review also worst. Even you can’t get any single features of snaptube in this fake app. Check the screenshot –

Snaptube Download for iphone

Snaptube Alternatives for iPhone:

There are many alternatives options are available for pc and android. But as an iPhone user, its really have a limitation.

SnapTube Alternative For iPhone – Sorry to say anything of iTunes can’t be considered as same or similar as snaptube. But you can Download Videos on iphone by – Document 6, Video Downloader Pro+, My Video Manager and File Transfer, Ultra Downloader Plus etc.

Document 6:

Document 6 can be considered as a  file manager by which you can organize your documents – text, book, image video etc. It is integrated into all cloud services. And can import music or video from your computer and other sources! And yes! using this feature we will download videos from online. Fonepaw Recently share an article how to use the Document 6 to download Youtube Video on iPhone.

It’s Little Complicated using Document 6 but still, it is a better option for iOS user.


Youtube++ is more than the official version. You can Play videos offline too. its a third party app so it’s might be risky. But is has almost thousands of users as well. By installing Tweakbox you can install youtube++ .

It’s Don’t Need to explain all the apps of iphone. I just mention the name of the app that can be considered to download youtube video – DoDa HD, MyMedia,  Ultra Downloader Plus, My Video Manager and File Transfer etc. But if you are still searching snaptube for iphone you might get a fake or malicious file.

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