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Maybe you are searching “is snaptube illegal?” , “is it free?” , “why it is not in google play store”. Most of the people like you and me also search them. we will try to answer that type Question in Snaptube FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

You already Know Snaptube is just a most complete Video Downloader that support many sites. Can download Different audio and Video Format. So. It’s a Common issue to have some Snaptube Frequently Asked Questions.

There are millions of users using Snaptube apk. Yes, it’s for trustworthy and unique features.

snaptube Faqs

SnapTube FAQs [ Frequently Asked Questions]

We are Presenting here some most asked Question about snaptube apk. Though Maybe you know many of this answer!

Is Snaptube Safe? why you trust it?

There are millions of users of the app. And the apps use encryption so it is Safe. BY the by, It is not Malicious software. It is Scanned by many security software like – CM Security, Lookout Security & McAfee. That time your decision why you should trust it.

Is Snaptube free?

Yes, It is Completely a free software. But For Personal use only. You don’t need to pay any penny. But it has also a pro version that Doesn’t have any third Party ads.

Why is it not in google play?

There are Many app stores, Google play is not only one. But yes it is the most popular one. Google play has its terms and Condition. If apps don’t maintain the criteria should not be in play store. For Snaptube Youtube video Downloading is Prohibited. And its violate the Copyright Concern of youtube video creators.

Is it legal to use Snaptube?

It’s legal for personal use. Commercial use is prohibited. Please Use Snaptube Under the law of your country.

Why are you releasing update version Continuously?

This the world of internet. Everything is changing so Quickly and Nothing can’t tell 100% secure. In the state, Snaptube has millions of users. So, they are Fixing bugs on their updates and Updating Features.

How Can I update Snaptube app?

It’s Quite easy. when releasing a new version you just a get a notification click on it and update. If This is not working just Check out the Latest version and install it.

Does Snaptube support in iPhone?

BIG NO! Snuptube Don’t have an iPhone version. So you get anything related – Snaptube for iPhone definitely Scam. But, Don’t Worry there are a lot of Options for iPhone User to Download Video on iPhone.

Why there is no download button for YouTube videos?

Youtube Download Doesn’t support in many countries. So there is not showing any Download Button. But by changing country I mean by using VPN it might work.

Why is the download button in grey colour?

Just Play the Video than it will show the red button.

I Can’t share files to Whatsapp or Facebook contacts?

Sorry, still this features doesn’t support in Snaptube youtube Video Downloader.

What should I do if Snaptube fails to update to the newest version?

Just Download it again and Enjoy ultimate Video and Music.

Is it possible to Download SnapTube from Unknown Sources?

Besides the Build in sixteen sites, there are Thousand of sites that Support snaptube. SO, Yes Trustable site’s videos can be download via Snaptube.

Snaptube Application is Misbehaving/Freezing, What to do?

Just Remove Cache. Sometimes it’s not working from phone memory then use it from SD Card. Than Eject and Mount. IF still it is not working just Uninstall and Install it. Low space in ram sometimes is responsible for this.

If you don’t Find Your Question yet, Just Feel free to Comment. We will try to reply.

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