WifiKill Pro APK Free Download – Final version 2.3.2

Who doesn’t like to be a hacker? No! it not possible without learning to code. But this article will show you how you can hack a public wifi network and control it. Nothing else, I am showing you wifikill apps that you may know. The wifi controller app can control public network, Kick users and help you to enjoy the full speed of the network.

You can’t get it in the Google Play store. You can use it as a Penetration tool. So it may violate the rules of google play store. or the app developer didn’t like to up it on play store. You can download it from the link of below. Remember this is it only education purpose to check your wifi.

So What is Wifikill pro apk? Wifikill is a Penetration tool that can control wifi and monitor connected devices. The last version of the WiFi Analyzer app is Wifikill Pro 2.3.2.


Wifikill at a glance:

Provider Name: bponury
Download Link: Download
App Size: 488kb

Key Features

  • Kick Users.
  • Control
  • Freeware
  • Observes network activity

User Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Basic Features of Wifikill App:

  • Control wifi UserDisconnect a user easily.
  • The modified version of this app can directly access of user device.
  • It can monitor the transfer date and speed.
  • it’s user-friendly interface give you an easy controlling.
  • Block and unblock a device with getting connected.
  • You can also control any UDP protocol.

And the main feature is to increase your own speed to kick others.

Requirements for Installing the Wifikiller app:

Like other apps, you need some specification of your android. To get the fully functional wife killer you need a rooted phone. In a non-rooted device, all functions of the app will not work correctly. you just can see the list of devices connected with the app. It requires Android version 4 or later.

Android Version: 4+.

Device type: All types of android device that have 4+ or later version of Android.

Versions of the wifikill android app:

There are almost 8+ versions of the apps. Among them, the 1.7 and 2.3.2 are the most popular versions. The latest version is 2.3.2. the 2.3.2 is combined and almost the last version of the app.

What’s new in the Final version:

  • Fixed list scrolling issue you get many of mac address list.
  • UDP protocol blocking in a more easy way.
  • Service fail during start.
  • Killing problem solved based on IP tables.
  • Fixed previous bugs.
  • Improved grab/kill effectiveness

How to Install Wifikill:

This is just an easy installation process like the other nongoogle play store apps. It is not the play store app. So you need to give permission installing from unknown source. And then just complete the installation.

enable Unknown Souce

Wifikill Installation

How to use Wifikill:


I will try to show you how you use wifikill apk. Just Follow the steps:

First of all, you need to root your phone. You can use kingroot. Remember that root can brick your phone or may violate the warranty.

Second step: Install the Wifikill.

Third Step: Click the wifikill icon.

Fourth Step: Now tap the play button.

Fifth Step: Grant the permission of superuser request

Sixth Step: Now you can see the all connected device list:

Step six

Seventh Step: You can click now grab all button.

wifikill permission

Eighth Step: Now just click “kill all” button.


You need to root of your android. Root can destroy your warranty or may brick your phone. Any of violence occurred with that apps will not responsible the publishers as well as the developers.

General Question regarding wifikill:

Is it reliable?

Yes, It is reliably used by many users. Please don’t download from untrusted sites. It may contain infected files.

Does it need rooted Phone?

Yes, You need a rooted phone. Many of functions work nicely in an unrooted device like device list, transfer rate etc. But if you want full functioning wifikill app you need to root your device.

How to root my Phone?

If you don’t root what is root, Just check out the article fast and then back here -“What is ROOT?- Get a full complete Guide on Android ROOT!“

Does it work on iPhone?

Sorry to say you can’t use it on the iPhone. But yes, You can see check some similar apps on iPhone like Kessil WiFi Controller.

Is it available for mac or windows?

No, it is not available for windows. You use net cut pc software instead of it. You can use the emulator in windows. Like the emulator of Bluestack, you can use wifikill in your pc also.

Alternatives of the Wifikill app:

There are no such apk functioning Superb like wifikill. But yes there are still some apps present similar wifikill. You can check these apps:


FaceNiff is a superior hacking Android application that allows you to intercept and smell your WiFi network traffic. This tool is widely used to snoop on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites using your Android device.

This favorite hacker tool steals cookies from the Wi-Fi network and gives an attacker unauthorized access to the victim’s account.

FaceNiff is developed by Bartosz Ponurkiewicz – the same developer who wrote Firesheep for Firefox hacking on the desktop.


Droidsheep is an effective hacking application developed for security analysts interested in playing with Wi-Fi networks. The application has the ability to hijack web session profiles through a network and works with almost all services and websites.

When you turn on the Droidsheep application, it acts as a router that monitors and intercepts all Wi-Fi network traffic and searches the profiles of active sessions. With this application, one can smell Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social network accounts.

DroidSheep Guard, another version of the application, helps you detect ARP-Snoofing in networks, namely FaceNiff attacks, Droidsheep, and other software.


Once you start dSploit, you will be able to easily assign network, fingerprints live hosts functioning systems and services that run, look for known vulnerabilities, logon crack procedures of many TCP protocols, perform man in medium attacks such as smell the password (with common dissection protocols), real-time traffic manipulation, etc., etc.

Here is the final question you may have in mind, Why I need to use wifikill apk when I am getting high speed. Yes this absolutely a great point. I already said it is a Penetration tool. However, You can see other users connected to your wifi you can see the data transfer rate and speed also.

WifiKill Pro APK Free Download – Final version

Wifikill is a Penetration tool that can control wifi and monitor connected devices. The last version of the WiFi Analyzer app is Wifikill Pro 2.3.2.

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